Meet The Board

Bill Febuary - President - I served as a Marine officer for 30 years before retiring in 2007 only to go back to work for the Marine Corps as a civil servant until my second retirement in 2017.  My background is varied as are the places I served.  To fill my time now I teach Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers expeditionary operations and the Marine Corps Planning Process- all of this is online as my students are spread across Europe, the Far East, and all places in between. I like to play chess and golf albeit I am not very good at either and do a good bit of gardening in my backyard.  I look forward to serving the community and continuing the work of the previous board.

Sharon Mayes – Vice President -  Sharon Mayes has resided in Briar Oaks since September 2017 and was the fourth resident in the community, watching this community grow to where it is today.  She brings a legal background to this role which she has honed through a 40-year management career as a Human Resources Professional.  Sharon is a grandmother to twins who keep her busy when not working or "playing" in her backyard gardens.

Susan Newkirk - Secretary/Treasurer - Susan has been a resident of Briar Oaks for over three years.  Susan is very active in her church as well as with other groups within the community.  Susan is a great addition to the HOA BOD.